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Halloween 2011

Owen loves dressing up, so I was excited to see what he might want to be this year.  He has lots of hand-me-down costumes from his cousin Ryan, so I figured he would pick one of those.  He teetered for a bit between Spiderman and a Lego (which we would have made out of a box), but in the end Spiderman won out.  What 3 year old boy doesn’t love a Superhero!  Ella only being 7 months was subject to whatever we put her in.  I had seen this adorable strawberry that I thought about getting, but then Sherry offered up their pumpkin costume and I jumped right on that – free costume – yes, I think I will take it.  

The week before Halloween, the kids and I were in Houston for my niece’s birthday and while we were there, I talked my sister into helping me carve a pumpkin to put Ella in.  I had seen it on pinterest and thought I had to try it.  So, we dug out all the goo and popped that sweet girl right in.  Sweet pea didn’t even fuss a bit- she was all smiles.  I was schocked! 

Halloween night, we all headed out to trick or treat and I thought it would be a great idea to bring Sampson along.  It was great until Ella decided she’d had enough of the stroller, so we had a stroller to push, Ella to hold and a dog to walk.  That may have been Sampson’s first and last trick or treating.  Owen lasted much longer than I anticipated (over 2 hours) and had a blast.