Ella’s Birthday Party

Ella’s birthday was Monday, April 2nd.  We decided to have her birthday party Easter weekend so that my sister and her fam could make it.  We went with an Easter theme.  I had been searching on pinterest for a few things to make for her party, but they needed to be easy because I am not crafty at all!  Here are some pictures from her birthday – there was no smash cake because of the broken arm.  I was so sad when I realized that she wouldn’t be able to have that.  Several people suggested wrapping it in a trash bag, but I didn’t want her first birthday pictures with a trash bag on her arm, so we went without.  I mentioned to Tommy that we may be doing a smash cake once the cast is off.  The cake was not quite what I had in mind – I had emailed the bakery a picture of what I was thinking and when I went to pick it up there was a big bunny on the cake.  I almost died!  I had specifically said that even though it was an Easter themed birthday party, I didn’t want some bunny cake.  I quickly did some doctoring of the cake to get that bunny off and it was fine.  We had a great time celebrating Ella and loved having our family and friends over.  She received tons of great gifts and has been having a blast playing with all her new toys.  So thankful for our sweet girl and what a blessing she has been to our family!  I can’t imagine life without her.  She and Owen adore each other and can’t get enough of each other.


Some one year stats – weighs 22 lbs, 31 inches long.  Eats most everything that is given to her.  Started walking a month ago (had been walking about 85% of the time and then when she broke her arm March 15th it put the walking at 100%), loves playing outside with bubbles, chalk, swinging and chasing Owen and Sampson.  She loves Owen’s toys as well – is content with super heroes or her baby doll.  She is definitely very vocal – talks a lot – her vocabulary that we can understand includes mama, dada, pup pup (puppy), kitty kitty, ball, book, baby, hi, bye bye, uh oh, bunny and milk.



One thought on “Ella’s Birthday Party

  1. Sweet Ella! Happy Birthday!

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