Happy Half Birthday Owen!

I thought I had set this to post on the 18th – clearly, I am still figuring all of this blogging out.  So, better late than never.


Today, Owen is 3 1/2!  I love half birthdays.  I think my love of half birthdays goes back to maybe elementary school or junior high.  I have a summer birthday, so my school would call out your birthday on your half birthday and give you a half of a birthday sticker.  For some reason, this made my day and from there the love of half birthdays was born.  In college, Sherry, Melissa and I all had August birthdays, so we would always celebrate our 1/2 birthdays together in February.  We would go as far as getting out the birthday sign (inserting a 1/2), buying a 1/2 of a cake, etc.  Ridiculous, I know.  Then, I became a teacher.  I then had the opportunity to introduce 10 years worth of children  to half birthdays.  They all got their desk decorated with butcher paper that said Happy 1/2 Birthday!  They loved it!

Back to my boy though.  Here are some things that Owen LOVES at 3 1/2

  • Ella – I could have never dreamed how much this boy would love his sister.  He can make her laugh when no one else can, is always wanting to play with her, hates her taking naps, loves to feed her, give hugs, kisses and talk to her.
  • Superheroes – we play superheroes and bad guys on a daily basis.  It’s so fun to be a mom to a boy!
  • Sampson – Owen is always very disappointed when Sampson can’t go with us.  He goes lots of places, but he can’t go everywhere.
  • Friends – He loves his friends and is always excited when the older ones get home from school.
  • Books – Praying he will continue to love books and reading for the rest of his life.  This would make my heart happy!

So thankful for the gift of Owen.  He’s such a blessing to our family and I am blessed to be his mom.  We love you O!


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