My little chef

When Tommy and I first got married, I knew that I wanted to provide our new little family with home cooked meals.  My mom always cooked a huge breakfast and dinner everynight.  I didn’t realize then how spoiled I was to have a mom that got up and cooked biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon or whatever else you might want EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Wow!  No one else even ate breakfast besides me, so it really was an act of love.  The problem when we got married is that I hadn’t ever taken the time to learn from my mom.  Looking back on those first months of marriage, I laugh at the things I “cooked.”  Yes, I put dinner on the table, but I am not sure you could really call it cooking.  However, I realized that I not only had a desire to learn to cook, but actually enjoyed it immensely as well. 

In Owen’s 3 years of life, he has spent lots of time with me in the kitchen.  His cooking varies from getting out lots of pots, bowls, cups and spoons and putting dry pasta in them and mixing with water, just using water and most of the time flooding my floor, or sitting up on the counter with bowls, spoons, measuring spoons and whatever else he might can find and using flour, sugar, salt.  At times, part of me just wants to say no because I know the mess that is about to be made, but then I remind myself that this time of him wanting to cook with his mama is fleeting and I choose to deal with the mess.  Here are some pictures of my sweet boy in the kitchen.



2 thoughts on “My little chef

  1. Owen is so sweet! Glad you have a blog!!!

  2. This is SO sweet – I hope to have Luke cooking with me as soon as he can! I’m so glad you have a blog – it’s fun to see what everyone is up to! Thank you SO much for the precious nativity set you sent for Luke – I just love it. Seriously, it is one of my favorite gifts we have received – I can’t wait to see him play with it next year. Keep up the blogging!

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