Flash Back Friday – Halloweens from the past

I decided to start something called Flash Back Friday so that I can post pictures of old to have some of my favorite moments captured here on the blog.  Today, we’ll revisit some Halloween’s of the past.  We’ll start with Owen’s first Halloween.   We didn’t buy any costumes that year because my mom sent one and my friend Melissa had sent him 2 that she had bought way before Owen was born that were on clearance.  Melissa is always on the look out for a good deal – I was thankful she thought of my boy.  Here are him in his costumes from 2008.


Halloween 2009 we were in Houston for my niece’s birthday party.  Owen was a dragon and super cute.  He felt so big trick or treating with his cousins.


Halloween 2010 – Owen was the same dragon.  He asked if he could wear it again and since it fit, I was more than okay with that. 

Now, let’s flash back qutie some time – 1999.  Here is a picture from “Zap Man” from a Halloween social with the sorority.  The days of sorority needs to be a post in and of itself.  I couldn’t find the picture I wanted to use from when we were The Jackson Five, but this one will have to do.  I was Tito.  Picture quality is terrible – tried scanning it in, but need some practice with our new printer/scanner/copier.  But, you get the idea.


One thought on “Flash Back Friday – Halloweens from the past

  1. Elizabeth Fillebaum says:

    YEA! YEA! YEA! For the blog! SO excited!

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