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My little chef

When Tommy and I first got married, I knew that I wanted to provide our new little family with home cooked meals.  My mom always cooked a huge breakfast and dinner everynight.  I didn’t realize then how spoiled I was to have a mom that got up and cooked biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon or whatever else you might want EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Wow!  No one else even ate breakfast besides me, so it really was an act of love.  The problem when we got married is that I hadn’t ever taken the time to learn from my mom.  Looking back on those first months of marriage, I laugh at the things I “cooked.”  Yes, I put dinner on the table, but I am not sure you could really call it cooking.  However, I realized that I not only had a desire to learn to cook, but actually enjoyed it immensely as well. 

In Owen’s 3 years of life, he has spent lots of time with me in the kitchen.  His cooking varies from getting out lots of pots, bowls, cups and spoons and putting dry pasta in them and mixing with water, just using water and most of the time flooding my floor, or sitting up on the counter with bowls, spoons, measuring spoons and whatever else he might can find and using flour, sugar, salt.  At times, part of me just wants to say no because I know the mess that is about to be made, but then I remind myself that this time of him wanting to cook with his mama is fleeting and I choose to deal with the mess.  Here are some pictures of my sweet boy in the kitchen.



Flash Back Friday – Halloweens from the past

I decided to start something called Flash Back Friday so that I can post pictures of old to have some of my favorite moments captured here on the blog.  Today, we’ll revisit some Halloween’s of the past.  We’ll start with Owen’s first Halloween.   We didn’t buy any costumes that year because my mom sent one and my friend Melissa had sent him 2 that she had bought way before Owen was born that were on clearance.  Melissa is always on the look out for a good deal – I was thankful she thought of my boy.  Here are him in his costumes from 2008.


Halloween 2009 we were in Houston for my niece’s birthday party.  Owen was a dragon and super cute.  He felt so big trick or treating with his cousins.


Halloween 2010 – Owen was the same dragon.  He asked if he could wear it again and since it fit, I was more than okay with that. 

Now, let’s flash back qutie some time – 1999.  Here is a picture from “Zap Man” from a Halloween social with the sorority.  The days of sorority needs to be a post in and of itself.  I couldn’t find the picture I wanted to use from when we were The Jackson Five, but this one will have to do.  I was Tito.  Picture quality is terrible – tried scanning it in, but need some practice with our new printer/scanner/copier.  But, you get the idea.

Halloween 2011

Owen loves dressing up, so I was excited to see what he might want to be this year.  He has lots of hand-me-down costumes from his cousin Ryan, so I figured he would pick one of those.  He teetered for a bit between Spiderman and a Lego (which we would have made out of a box), but in the end Spiderman won out.  What 3 year old boy doesn’t love a Superhero!  Ella only being 7 months was subject to whatever we put her in.  I had seen this adorable strawberry that I thought about getting, but then Sherry offered up their pumpkin costume and I jumped right on that – free costume – yes, I think I will take it.  

The week before Halloween, the kids and I were in Houston for my niece’s birthday and while we were there, I talked my sister into helping me carve a pumpkin to put Ella in.  I had seen it on pinterest and thought I had to try it.  So, we dug out all the goo and popped that sweet girl right in.  Sweet pea didn’t even fuss a bit- she was all smiles.  I was schocked! 

Halloween night, we all headed out to trick or treat and I thought it would be a great idea to bring Sampson along.  It was great until Ella decided she’d had enough of the stroller, so we had a stroller to push, Ella to hold and a dog to walk.  That may have been Sampson’s first and last trick or treating.  Owen lasted much longer than I anticipated (over 2 hours) and had a blast.



Blogging 101

Am I really doing this?  I swore I would never start a blog – don’t get me wrong, I love reading them, but just wasn’t sure blogging was for me.  However, I have been thinking about it for a while and decided to just try it.  We’ll see.  The husband will for sure laugh at me for creating a blog.  Welcome to our little world.  I am hoping to just document the happenings of our life and maybe share a few recipes along the way.  You’ll see a lot of these precious people – Owen and Ella.  Here’s to more posts in the near future!